Serving Everyone Is Serving No One

How to *actually* Niche your MSP

Thursday, March 16th

Making the steps to adopt a niche is HARD.

But without doing it, you're just spinning your wheels.

 Joe Rojas & Jeff Loehr will be joining me for this episode of MSP Mindset to cover:

  • Why agnosticism is where MSPs go to Die
  • How to overcome the fear of niching (because turning down clients goes against everything in us!)
  • The challenges they each faced and how they overcame them - 3 times!
  • How they chose their niches, and why
  • How they customized their services to the niches they chose
  • The difference it made in their success when they niched down.


Joe Rojas

  • Co-Founder and COO of Start Grow Manage
  • Author of "How Entrepreneurs Thrive"
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Began his career in IT in the military
  • Formed his own managed services company
  • Now empowers entrepreneurs to overcome challenges


Jeff Loehr

  • CEO and Partner of Start Grow Manage
  • Growth and communication specialist
  • Empowers companies to:
    • Connect with their audience
    • Increase their influence
    • Drive sales
    • Improve the adoption of new ideas
  • Believes the #1 driver of growth is clarity.



Damien Stevens

  • Host of the MSP Mindset Show
  • Former MSP who experienced data loss firsthand
  • Founder & CEO of Servosity
  • Husband and dad of 3 
  • Dad joke connoisseur

Pretty safe to assume he'll be on every episode, just to throw that out there.

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